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fight night play's live coverage of UFC Fight Night “Pettis vs. Moreno” kicks off Saturday at 7 p.m. ET from the Mexico City Arena in Mexico. Judgement call: Fight Night lets the audience vote for its favourite candidate. Fight Night plays at the Adelaide festival until 16 March. Tickets.'s live UFC Fight Night “Belfort vs. Gastelum” coverage kicks off Saturday at p.m. ET, live from the Northeast Olympic. Two lefts for Hunt. With 30 seconds left, Martin shoots for a takedown. Round 2 — Lee on his toes as they start. Soto is a bloody mess as the fight continues, the entire left side of his face covered in plasma. Mokhtarian looks winded already. UFC 'Fight Motion': Means looks to scramble, but Oliveira switches to his back.

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Short punches and elbows to the body are scoring for Horcher, who nearly passes to full mount but remains in half guard with 60 seconds on the clock. The UFC returns to Mexico tonight with UFC Fight Night Tarec Saffiedine photos Records: Right hand over the top. But Case continues to land the jab, and with 40 seconds left he lands a pair of right hands. Straight right hands from Siver are landing with increased regularity; at one point, after absorbing a few hard rights and follow-up leg kicks, Penn seems on the verge of falling down. fight night play He rolls again for the arm, but the bell sounds. Moraga with a few punches. But Horcher uses it to get on top and puts Powell on the canvas on his back. He lands an overhand right about 50 seconds in, then continues to bounce on the outside. Round 1 — Willis with a low kick, and Mulheron answers with the same. Yahya shoots a long shot, gets sprawled on and has to sit out of a guillotine attempt.

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Fight Night Champion Online - The best player to ever play Fight Night (N H C) Holtzman turns his back and stands to escape a calf slicer, but as he does, McBride follows him to his feet and tries to take the back. Morales lands low, but we fight on. Paige VanZant credits a controversial sponsorship with Reebok as the break that took her UFC career to the next level. He knocks Christensen down. Marshman has no concern as he pushes forward. Colby Covington shuts out Dong Hyun Kim, calls for title shot Photos:

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